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Slava Konevs nude on her bed at home

Slava Konevs loves nude photos. Who wouldn’t with such a hot body? She is a petite beauty who enjoys showing off what her mama gave her. Wearing a lace sweater with stockings, she looks amazing. She is not wearing anything else so she poses to show off how flexible she is. She then pulls down on her sweater to ensure you do not get to see her pussy before she is ready to reveal it. She teases with her feet since she has a foot fetish and then lets you feast on her ass with your eyes. She has a small ass and great legs which she is never afraid to show off.

She then lays next to the window and lets one boob hang out of the sweater. She even shows off the nipple before she gets up and pulls up her laced sweater so show off her pussy. She however does not remove the stockings so you have to enjoy the view while cursing at the stockings because they are blocking an otherwise gorgeous view. She knows it and she loves it that way because she likes to play hard to get and to play games before giving in.

Gallery from: Zishy