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Hot young girlfriend squats and pees outdoors!

Video from: FTV Girls

Lexi is a naughty girl who is in love with her own body. She loves to explore it and to find new ways of having fun. As she was having fun outdoors, she felt like peeing and true to her naughty and kinky nature, she chose to pee outdoors. When she was done, she went indoors and took out her vibrator and had fun playing with her clit. She did not have anywhere to go and she was all alone in the house so she enjoyed masturbating in different rooms in the house. She wanted to have a memory in each one.

When Lexi was done with the vibrators, she rested a bit before she went to the bedroom and used her fingers to stretch her pussy and her ass. She also used her fingers to fuck herself because she wanted a record number of orgasms. When she was done fingering her pussy, she got started on her ass and the anal fingering was out of this world and she did not expect it to be as sweet as it was. Being the naughty girl she is, she inserted a toy in the ass and used another vibrator on her clit before she was done.