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Granny masturbater straps man to the bed and gives him post orgasm torture

Now this right here is my ultimate fantasy; being strapped to a table, gagged and jerked off by a kinky granny. This old lady has being wanking cocks for the best part of 50 years. She knows all about making cocks hard, edging and making them cum but she also knows a thing or two about post orgasm tortures as you can see in this homemade masturbation video.

You can see from the video that she's a big, heavy set woman. Large breasts with fat hands that are perfect for gripping cocks in a firm but soft way. She starts off rubbing his swollen sack and using some lube she wanks his bell end causing him to moan. She then gives him the sit and polish treatment; giving his bell end a nice shine. She works his cock for 20 minutes in this video and she makes sure she stops each time he comes close to cumming. I like the way she slaps his balls just as he's about to cum, I'd love that treatment. She grabs his nuts in her hand and pulls them down, wanking his cock he starts to blow his thick load all over himself but this granny masturbater doesn't stop there. She continues to grip his cock, wanking him off while he begs her to stop.

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